MultiLinks 6-5-2015

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Intel will acquire FPGA maker Altera for $16.7 billion
Whoa. This is a huge deal. I’ll be very interested in seeing what Intel does with this.

Kubernetes – The Future of Deployment
This is an incredible technology. While Docker has slowly tried to add orchestration features like Machine, Swarm, and Compose, they are still somewhat immature and don’t fully work together well. You can read more about Kubernetes here and here. This is still immature and ambitious, but with Google’s experience behind it, I think it will develop quickly — assuming they don’t get bored. 😉

Majority of websites have serious, unfixed vulnerabilities
I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

Play 2.4.0 “Damiya” released, adds new DI support and test APIs
Play 2.4 FINALLY adds built in DI — using Guice, my favorite Java DI container. They also look like they’ve added some useful methods for adding mock dependencies to FakeApplications when unit testing.

The U.S. Navy’s Big Mistake — Building Tons of Supercarriers
Super carriers are great for power projection — as long as you aren’t fighting a technologically even foe.