MultiLinks 6-12-2015

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What Is Code?

If you don’t understand computer programming or how computers work, this is absolutely the best explanation I have ever seen. It’s accurate, simple, and clear. If you’ve ever wanted to understand computers and computer programming, read this.


The Vagus Nerve: A Back Door for Brain Hacking

I am extremely skeptical of this. Lots of promises, but we’ll see. I’m suspicious that this is going to turn into the next pop-med cure.


High Frequency Trading Model

It’s rare to see an actual, functional algorithm for HFT methodologies. This is a simple example of statistical arbitrage. In the coming weeks, I’m hoping to port this to QuantConnect’s Lean Engine in a few weeks.


Is Russia’s space program in crisis?

So Russia’s program is corrupt and falling apart. Still better than the US, since the US program cannot currently put people into orbit.


Airbus unveils Adeline, its clever answer to SpaceX’s reusable rockets

Speaking of space: Airbus now has a plan to reuse lower stages, and reduce launch costs. Thanks, SpaceX. Unlike the UAL’s insane-sounding mid-air recovery plan, Airbus’ plan actually sounds like it might work.