My name is Jonathan Evans, and I am a Software Engineer. I studied Computer Science, Math, and Physics at the University of Florida. I am originally from California, lived most my life in Florida, and currently live in Austin, TX.

In my life, I have visited over 50 countries and all seven continents, in which I have shaken hands with the Pope, petted a cheetah, and seen all of Africa’s Big Five in the wild. I have straddled the equator, have followed the footsteps of Christ and Darwin, I’ve stood in the world’s most famous hotels and have shared meals with some of the poorest peoples on this planet. I have worked with my hands and with my mind.

I align myself a number of ways. I am a follower of Christ, although I decry and despise the Church’s rampant abuses of authority and its crimes against the people it claims to serve. I am a scientist, a philosopher, a humanist, a consequentialist libertarian, and a nerd. Above all, I consider myself a rationalist.

My highest ideal is personal freedom. To that end, I see commoditized computer hardware, Free/Open Source Software, and the Internet to be the most powerful boons to freedom in the past century. Thus I distrust Microsoft and Apple, not for the quality of their products (as some of their products are quite good), but for the philosophy of control they represent.

I enjoy a number of hobbies. Activities such as driving, flying, scuba diving, exercise, martial arts, archery, and shooting sports allow my mind to relax and release itself from its infinite loops; they are a Ctrl-C for my mind.

I have dedicated most of my time to filling my mind with what little human knowledge it can contain, our math, science, language, literature, and arts, and see the vanity yet beauty of mankind. I am the bundle of all these sensory perceptions and more, a bundle which some have deemed worthy to bestow a name.

This site is an outlet for my ideas and thoughts, and a chronicle of my thinking life. This is my Ivory Tower in the world, a place to speak freely and to be who I must. It is my freedom, and my security; yet I also lay bare my soul.

I believe all people have a fundamental right to speak, to hear, and to be heard. This right transcends our arbitrary lines of sex, race, nation, religion, sexuality, and any other category we feel we must place upon ourselves or others. To that end, I have made this site compliant with web standards, to allow access regardless of computing platform used. I have followed, to the best of my ability, the W3C‘s guidelines for accessibility, to allow access regardless of physical handicap. I do not censor myself, nor will I censor the comments of others1.

1 Unless you’re a spammer.

I feel the passive accumulation of knowledge is of no value without creation. I am not content with mental stagnation. I wish to learn, do, share, and learn. My existence is defined by my thought; this site is my Descartian cry “I am.”